We Make Your Great Yard Better!
Continuous Concrete Landscape
Edgings &
Stamped Concrete Sidewalks, Patios &
Driveways Since 2004

Our borders are also affordable, complete installations start for
as little as $4.75 per lineal foot.
Waterford, Wisconsin  Installed May, 05
Earthtone Red, Spanish Texture, Soldier Course Stamp  $5.25 Per LF
Burlington, Wisconsin  Installed Aug, 06
Earthtone Red, Cobblestone Stamp$4.75 Per LF
"Our curb weathered the winter perfectly, looks like you just
installed it"  Tim Smith, Burlington, WI
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Dousman, Wisconsin Installed June, 06  Slant Style, Earthtone Red
Spanish Texture  Total Project 795 Feet $4.75 Per LF
Our curbs are reinforced with Fiber Mesh and the procedures we
follow and the mix design we use was tailored for our climate by a
fellow curber located in Fargo, ND.  He has been installing curbs
in his climate for 12 years.  Plain and simple, our product lasts.  
Some of our work has been in-place, in Wisconsin for three years.  
We have yet to repair a curb damaged by frost heave.

In addition to fiber mesh, we also use a special admixture, which
increases the strength and durability of our borders.  This
admixture also reduces any shrinkage cracking that may occur.

Our borders are built to last!
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yards better!"
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We get asked a lot what sets us apart from the other curb companies that have started popping up recently.  We think that answer is simple.  As one of the oldest and most
experienced curb companies in SE Wisconsin, we have the knowledge and the ability to produce a border that we are proud to put our name on.  As the old adage goes,
sometimes you get what you pay for.

One of our competitors placed the border below, I hope this isn't what the customer paid for!