Here are some frequently asked questions about what we do?

I’ve never heard of a continuously poured concrete landscaping border? What is it?   
Continuous concrete landscape borders have been around for over 40 years.  This product is proven to outlast any other type of landscape
edging on the market today.  It won't rot like wood, rust like metal, or pop out of the ground like plastic.  In addition to lasting longer, it looks better!  
Wisconsin’s freeze thaw cycles do not concern us, we do not try and anchor our curb to the ground, instead we allow it to float with the ground
just like the curb that lines most streets and we pour our curb strong enough to move as one piece.  Our mix design was tailored for our climate
by an associate of ours who has been installing curb in Fargo, North Dakota for over 12 years.  As a result, our curb will remain intact and in
place for many years to come.  

Our curb borders are designed to practically eliminate the tiresome task of weed whacking, simply run your push mower along the curb and let
your mower do the edging for you.  A typical installation takes about four hours, leaving you with a finished product that will make your neighbors

How is the curbing made? Will the process damage my existing yard?
In our promise to make your great yard better, our curbing process ensures that no heavy equipment or concrete trucks will ever touch your
lawn. We start out by using a gas-powered sod cutter which cuts a 2” deep trench for your new curb. The concrete is then mixed on-site in our
custom built curbing trailer and transported by wheelbarrow to our curbing machine.  We then lay the curb by making one continuous pour from
start to finish for each section of landscaping that you have chosen.

We then follow with the stamp of your choice and then apply a sealer within a couple of days to ensure a long lasting and spectacular product.
Our machine can follow any curve or contour you wish to create or that you already have in place. All sod and existing edging is hauled away,
leaving your yard as pristine as it was before we arrived.

Can I personalize my curbing?
Great Lakes Curbing offers 16 standard integral colors which are mixed into the concrete, so the color is all the way through the curb, not just on
the surface.  We offer numerous stamp and texture patterns to simulate brick, cobblestone, and many other natural products.  We are sure that
you will find a color and stamp that suits your personality and tastes.

That all sounds great, but how expensive is landscape curbing?
Every job is unique and has it's different challenges, we are more than happy to give you a free estimate and consultation to determine what your
curb project will cost you.  In the mean time, you can use this basic pricing to come to a ball park amount for your project.  Most installations start
at $4.75 per foot, this includes cutting the trench, hauling away the sod and installing the curb.  Adding a color to your curb costs $1.00 per foot,
which includes the first application of protective sealer.  Stamps range from $0.50 to $0.75 per foot.  We recommend first walking the route you
want installed, and multiplying the number of steps by three (3 feet per step), this will give you an overall footage for your project.  Then
determine what type of curb you may want
(i.e. Colored, Stamped, etc.) and use the above prices to come to a total.  As we said before, call us, we are more than happy to perform a free
estimate, and might be able to save you money when compared to your estimate.

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer quantity discounts, over 300 linear feet, $0.20 per foot discount, over 500 linear feet, $0.30 per foot discount.  If your yard is too small
to take advantage of the quantity discounts, talk your neighbors into installing some as well.  We offer a neighborhood discount, pool all your
footages together and take advantage of the quantity discount.  Each house can have a different color or stamp, and everyone gets the quantity
discount.  Also check back often for special offers.  
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